Lifesteal Setup

This is a guide on how to install, use and edit the Premium Lifesteal Setup. Join our Discord server to receive support for the setup.

This is guide is about Premium Lifesteal Setup

Version: 1.20.4

Installation Guide

Follow this guide to install the Premium Lifesteal Setup on your server.

Are you unsure on how to upload a setup to your server in general? And are you completely new to the world of Minecraft servers? Read our general in-depth setup installation guide: Click here

1. Upload all the server files to your server

Upload all the files from the folder named "server" to your own server host.

2. Choose or download a server JAR and upload it to your server

If you are using a Public Minecraft Host, you should choose to automatically install the server JAR through your server host. Choose the version stated in the top of this page. If you want to run the server Locally or on a Dedicated Server/VPS, you should download the latest PurPur JAR from here:

Note: If you are unsure about this part, read our general in-depth installation guide: Click here

3. Download the following plugins and upload them to your server

Below is a list of plugins which you have to upload to your server: - Citizens: Link (Free) - CrazyVouchers: Link (Free) - TAB: Link (Free) - LifestealCore: Link (Paid)

Note: If you are unsure about this part, read our general in-depth installation guide: Click here

4. Start your server

You can now start/run your server. If you are the server owner, you should OP yourself by typing this in console: "OP %your minecraft username"

5. Enter these commands ingame

Enter the commands below to create all the necessary worlds: (OP Yourself First)

- /mv create mining normal - /mv create playworld_nether nether - /mv create playworld_the_end end

Usage Guide

This is a guide on how to use the setup, and describes commands you can use to run the server.


The Lifesteal plugin used for this setup is LifestealCore. Below you can view some key commands to give/take hearts from players.

/lsc add %player% %amount% /lsc add %player% %amount%


The money economy on the setup uses the plugin Essentials. You can use the following commands to give/take money to/from players:

/eco give %player% %amount% /eco take %player% %amount%


All currencies on the setup except Money, uses the plugin CoinsEngine. Below are some key commands to give/take coins from players:

/coins give %player% %amount% (Give coins to a player) /coins take %player% %amount% (Take coins from player)

Crate Keys

The plugin used for the Crates is ExcellentCrates. Below are some key commands:

/crates key give %player% %cratename% %amount%

Available Crates: Vote, Common, Rare, Epic, Superior


Levels are a feature for your players to grind through, that is obtained with Level XP. You can set the level of a user with the command below. NOTE: Players can only be in one level at a time, so its important that you use the command below:

/lp user %player% parent settrack level %level%

Available Levels: 1-24


Players can only be in 1 rank at a time. This means that you cant be in both a donator rank and a staff rank. But all staff ranks contains the permissions and perks of the King rank. Below are the command to assign a certain rank to a player, instead of the default rank:

/lp user %player% parent settrack rank %rank%

Available Ranks: Default, Knight, Lord, Paladin, Duke, King, Youtuber, Streamer, Builder, Helper, Mod, Admin, Dev, Manager, Owner


Voting rewards is pre-setup in the setup. All you need to do is setup Votifier on your server. Rewards works through the plugin SuperbVote.

Votifier Tutorial: Click here


As default, all toolskins are locked to all players as this is a premium feature. You can give toolskins to players with the commands below: (You can use these to add to your store)

/lp user %player% permission set toolskins.%skin_name%.%tool_type% /lp user %player% permission set toolskins.%skin_name%.%tool_type%

Editing Guide

This is a guide on how to edit all the features on the setup that you might want to edit.


The TAB/Scoreboard is made with the plugin TAB. You can edit the layout/text in the TAB and scoreboard at the following filepath:

plugins > TAB > config

Command: /discord

The /discord command can be edited at the following filepath:

plugins > Skript > scripts > linkdiscord

Command: /store

The /store command can be edited at the following filepath:

plugins > Skript > scripts > linkstore

Command: /vote

The /vote command can be edited at the following filepath:

plugins > Skript > scripts > linkvote

Welcome Message

You can edit the Welcome Message which appears on join in the chat at the following file path:

plugins > Skript > scripts > motd

Server MOTD

You can edit the server MOTD in the file

Editing Menus

Almost all menus in the setups are made using the plugin DeluxeMenus, except menus like Skills, Quests, PlayerWarps and Auction. You can edit the DeluxeMenus menus at the following filepath:

plugins > DeluxeMenus > gui_menus

Editing Holograms

The holograms are made with the plugin DecentHolograms. You can edit the holograms at the following filepath:

plugins > DecentHolograms > holograms

Enable PVP

You can enable/disable PVP in each world with the following command:

/rg flag __global__ pvp %allow/deny%

You should also edit the PVP information in the DeluxeMenus RTP config

Change Groups/Permissions

The setup uses the plugin LuckPerms for Groups/Permission, you can edit eveything in regards to this plugin in the Live LuckPerms editor:

/lp editor

Small Caps Text

You can edit the sᴍᴀʟʟ ᴄᴀᴘs text with the following generator: Click here

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