Installation Addon

This guide will explain what the installation guide includes, and how you can claim the installation if you have already purchased the installation addon for one of our setups.

This addon is compatible with these setups:

All of our server setups

Purchase the Installation Addon

You can purchase the Installation Addon from any of our setup resourcepages. We offer the installation addon for all of our server setups.

What does the Installation Addon Include?

The Installation Addon is a service addon, where we will log into your server panel and completely install the setup for you so that it is installed exactly as we have installed the setup on our test servers. You won't need to do any technical work yourself except adding one of our staff to your server panel.

The Installation Addon does not include any customization of the setup.

This addon is a service which is completely optional. The majority of our users install the setup themselves using our detailed installation guides.

What does the Installation Addon require?

For us to install your server, you need to have a ready to use Minecraft server with a preinstalled server panel. If you use any Minecraft Server Hosts, this should be the case. Below are some examples of hosts which would work perfectly:

We do not offer the installation on servers which do not have a preinstalled panel. So if you have a VPS server or a Dedicated Server without a server panel, you will need to install a server panel yourself before you can claim the installation.

How to claim the Installation Addon?

If you have already purchased the Installation Addon, you can claim it easily by contacting one of our staff members on discord or contacting us on BuiltByBit. In most cases, we will inform you of the email which you should add as a subuser to your panel so we can access your host.

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