Geyser Addon

The Geyser Addon adds full Geyser/Bedrock compatibility for all of our Premium Setups. This means that you can allow players from Minecraft Bedrock to join your server.

This addon is compatible with these setups:

All of our server setups

Purchase the Geyser Addon

You can purchase the Geyser Addon from any of our setup resourcepages. We offer the Geyser Addon for all of our server setups. You only need to purchase the Geyser Addon once to use it on all NitroSetups Premium Setups that you own.

Installation Guide

Follow this guide to install the Geyser Addon on your server.

1. Install your setup first

Before beginning to install the Geyser Addon, you should completely install the setup that you are going to use the Geyser Addon for. Make sure that the setup is installed correctly by following our installation guides.

2. Uploading all the plugin files

To complete this step, start by stopping your server. In the Geyser Addon, you will see a folder named "server". In the server folder, you will see a folder named "plugins". Now drag and drop the "plugins" folder from the Geyser Addon onto your server's plugins folder, so the content of the 2 plugins folders merge. Don't drag it into your server's plugins folder. (If you are confused about this step, just drag the plugins folder into the file. This will give you the intended result aswell.)

When you upload the files, you will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing files. You should accept this for everything to work.

Now start your server and stop it again.

3. Setup the Geyser plugin

Now you have to setup the Geyser plugin on your server. The method for setting up Geyser depends on what host you are using.

You should go through the Geyser installation guide here: Link

4. Changing setup settings

For Geyser to work properly, you have to change a few settings in the setup.

First locate this file: plugins > ForcePack > config.yml > line 75 In here, set the geyser setting to true like shown below:

geyser: false   >   geyser: true

Then locate this file: plugins > LuckPerms > config > line > 100 In here, set the allow-invalid-usernames setting to true like shown below:

allow-invalid-usernames: false   >   allow-invalid-usernames: true

5. Start your server

Everything should be ready to go now, and you can start you server and join with Minecraft Bedrock. The IP you join your server with from Minecraft Bedrock depends on how you have setup Geyser on your server.


The Geyser/Bedrock compatibility has a few crucial limitations. However these won't have a big affect on the gameplay for your players. The limitations are listed below:

  1. Custom heads in inventory will not work on Bedrock. Bedrock players will not be able to see custom heads, and will see a Steve head instead of custom heads.

  2. Clickable links in the chat will not work for Bedrock players.

  3. Only Left-Click actions in menus will work. This means that actions in menus where players have to Right-Click, Shift-Right-Click or Shift-Left-Click will not work for Bedrock players. This only affect a few menus in the setup. This will affect: Kits Previews, Cancelling/Tracking quests, Island Menus.

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