Dungeons Addon

The Dungeons Addon adds a whole new dungeons universe to your setup for your players to explore! This guide will explain how to install and use the Dungeons Addon.

This addon is compatible with these setups:

Premium Survival Setup, Premium Earth Survival Setup, Premium Skyblock Setup, Premium Gens Setup, Premium Lifesteal Setup, Premium Factions Setup, Premium Towny Setup

Purchase the Dungeons Addon

You can purchase the Dungeons Addon from any of our setup resourcepages which the Dungeons Addon is compatible with. You only have to purchase the Dungeons Addon for 1 setup to use it for all of the NitroSetups Premium Setups you have.

Installation Guide

Follow this guide to install the Dungeons Addon on your server.

1. Install your setup first

Before beginning to install the Dungeons Addon, you should completely install the setup that you are going to use the Dungeons Addon for. Make sure that the setup is installed correctly by following our installation guides.

2. Upload the dungeons world folder

When you have downloaded the Dungeons Addon from BuiltByBit, it should include an installation guide and a folder named "server". All of the files that you need to install the Dungeons Addon is in the "server" folder. The "server" folder includes a "dungeons" folder which is the dungeons world. And a "plugins" folder which is a folder with all the plugins. It is important that we start by only installing the dungeons world.

To install the dungeons world, drag the "dungeons" folder into your server. Drag it into the same place as the plugins folder and the server.properties files are. In your main directory like shows in the picture below:

When you have uploaded the dungeons world file, go ahead and start your server.

3. Import the dungeons world

When you have uploaded the dungeons folder and started your server, it is time to import the dungeons world into the MultiVerse plugin. This is easily done by entering this command ingame:

/mv import dungeons normal

4. Uploading all the plugin files

To complete this step, start by stopping your server. Now drag and drop the "plugins" folder from the Dungeons Addon onto your server's plugins folder, so the content of the 2 plugins folder merge. Don't drag it into your server's plugins folder. (If you are confused about this step, just drag the plugins folder into the server.properties file. This will work aswell.)

The plugins folder from the DungeonsAddon is made so that it wont destroy anything in your server's plugins folder. It will just add the required plugins for the Dungeons Addon.

5. Start your server.

Now you can start your server, and the Dungeons Addon has been installed completely. You can now access all of the dungeons with the /dungeons command.

If you have any issues with the installation of the Dungeons Addon, please contact us on our discord support server.

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