How To Translate A Setup

This guide will explain how to translate any of our setups into another language than english. All of our setups are only available in english. But all setups can be translated into

Difficulty: Medium

It is important to know that translating a setup into another language is a very time consuming task. So expect it to take a lot of time.

Translation of setups

When translating one of our setups, there are multiple types of text you need to translate. There are also multiple methods that you can use to translate the text in our setups easier. This guide will explain how to translate our setups, and how it can be done in the best and easiest way possible.

1. Pre-Translated language files

Many of the plugins used in our setups has Pre-Translated language files. This means that a plugin has already been translated by someone else into another language, and then you would just need to change a setting to enable this translation.

It is completely different from plugin to plugin which languages they have Pre-Translated language files for. But if you wish to translate one of our setups into a common language, we would strongly recommend to check if each plugin has a Pre-Translated language file. This makes the translation of the plugins a lot easier.

Translation Example

In this example, we will show how to use a Pre-Translated language file for a specific plugin. The plugin that we will use as an example is the PlayerAuctions plugin. We want to translate the plugin into spanish.

First we have to check if the PlayerAuctions plugin has a Pre-Translated language file. To check this, we go into the PlayerAuctions plugin folder. Here we see that the plugin has a folder named lang which is the language file folder. In here, we see that the PlayerAuctions plugin does have a spanish translation in the file named es_ES.yml.

Now to set the PlayerAuction plugin to use its spanish translation instead of the english translation, we open the PlayerAuction config.yml file.

In here we we change the language setting:

From: lang: "en_US" To: lang: "es_ES"

Now all the plugin messages has been translated into spanish. Except the menus which will have to be manually translated. This is explained in the next section.

NOTE: You should not use the Pre-Translated language files for the Jobs plugin. This is because it will break the Jobs Menus made in DeluxeMenus.

2. General text translation

When you have checked for all the Pre-Translated language files, it is time to translate the rest of the text in the setup. This mostly has to be done manually. You can also try to experiment with AI for translation, which is explained in the "4. Using AI for translation" section.

Some of the text in our setup is written with small caps like this: sᴍᴀʟʟ ᴄᴀᴘs This text has to be manually generated in this website:

Translation Example

In this example, we will show exactly how we would translate a specific bit of text. As an example, we will translate the Discord Announcement. We will translate the announcement in this announcement into spanish.

First you have to locate the Discord Announcement in the config files. This can be located at this filepath: plugins > InfiniteAnnouncements > announcements

The Discord Announcement message from this file is shown in the picture below:

First we will edit the Discord Community title marked with blue in the picture. Delete the text and replace it with the same text in spanish: Comunidad de Discord

Then we will replace the /discord command text marked with yellow. This text is written with small caps, so we will have to generate it: /ᴅɪsᴄᴏʀᴅ

Now you can just replace the rest of the text in the Announcement with either of these methods.

3. Translating custom textures

All of our setups has custom textures with text. This text is a lot more difficult to translate than the normal text. But it is possible to do. To translate the text in the custom textures, you have to edit the setup texturepack, and repaint the new text pixel by pixel.

All of this is explained in our guide about how to edit a setup resourcepack: Click here

4. Using AI for translation

Using AI for translating Minecraft configs is very effective and definitely shouldn't be overlooked. The best way to do this is with this prompt:

Translate all of the text which isn't directly relevant to the code into %language%:

Use this prompt, and then insert a piece of config code below that. Then the AI should translate all the text which needs to be translated, and it will leave out the code which shouldn't be translate.

However be careful with this, and check through the code afterwards to ensure it works.

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