How To Merge 2 Resourcepacks

If you have 2 or more resourcepacks that you want to use on your server, you have to merge/combine the resourcepacks into 1 pack. It is impossible to have multiple resourcepacks on a server.

Difficulty: Medium

This guide is not for ItemsAdder or Oraxen!

Combining Resourcepacks

Combining 2 resourcepacks is actually not that difficult to do. But it can be a long and tedious process. You can use the step by step guide below and the Tutorial Video to help you.

Step by step guide

This step by step guide will show you an example of how we have merged the ShopGUI+ Config Texturepack with the JobsReborn Config Resourcepack. But it will apply to merging all of our texturepacks no matter which packs you want to merge.

1. Unzip both Texturepacks

First, go ahead and find the 2 texturepacks you want to merge, and unzip them both so you have 2 unzipped texturepacks. Open a window for each in your File Explorer like in the picture below.

The procedure now is that we have to get everything from the resourcepack on the right side into the resourcepack at the left side.

2. Merging the font folder

Now, go to the following file path in both texturepacks: assets > minecraft. Here you should see the following 3 folders:

font, models, textures

You can also use this JSON merger tool:

3. Merging the models and textures folder

In the Models folder, you have to merge the JSON file called "paper" in the following filepath: "assets > minecraft > models > item > paper.json". Merge the "paper.json" from both texturepacks. This is exactly the same procedure as merging the "default.json" files.

When that is done, you have merged all text files that you need to merge. Now its just time to merge all the folders/content of the 2 texturepacks. This is the easy part.

Basically you just have to drag all folders/files/images which are in either the "models" or "textures" from the pack on the right side to the pack on the left side. You have to make sure that all files from both resourcepacks are in your merged resourcepack. When you have done this like we have done in the video, you have merged the 2 texturepacks.

4. Zipping the merged texturepack

When you have merged the resourcepack, it is time to ZIP it again. Mark the "assets" folder and the "pack.mcmeta" file, right-click and press ZIP. You now have completed the merging of the 2 texturepacks

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