How To Install A Setup

This guide teaches users who are very new to Minecraft servers how to install a setup. We will go through the installation step by step, and also the choices you have to make.

Difficulty: Easy

1. Choosing Your Host

If you are completely new to Minecraft servers, we recommend using a public Minecraft host to host your server, as this will give you the best and easiest experience possible. For that reason, this guide will be about installing a setup on a public Minecraft host.

You might have already chosen a host for your setup. But if you havent, here are some good cheap and quality options we recommend for easy hosting:

We will use SparkedHost for this tutorial, as this is what we use for our test server.

Minecraft 1.20+ servers require a lot to run properly with all the plugins that our servers has. So for all setups besides Lobby Setups, we recommend atleast 8-10GB ram for 5-10 players. And dont use Budget hosting.

2. Download Setup From BuiltByBit

When you have chosen a host to run to server on, its time to download the setup from BuiltByBit and unzip it. You can download all our setups directly from BuiltByBit. If you are unable to download the setup, try to disable AdBlocker or switch browser.

When you have downloaded the setup, you should Unzip the setup folder until you have a set of files which looks like the files below: (There might be more or fewer files)

3. Uploading The Files To Your Host

First we have to locate the directory where you have to upload the files. We recommend using the FTP service FileZilla to upload the setup. This is a better and easier way than using the FileSystem on your host. We will guide you through the process.

Download FileZilla: Click here (Choose "Download FileZilla Client)

When you have downloaded and opened FileZilla, you should have a window which looks like this:

If you do, then its time to login to FileZilla using your FTP/Host information. Somewhere in your Hosting Panel, you should be able to find the FTP Details or SFTP Details. It should look like below where you see a "Host", a "Username" and a "Port". Write these 3 down as you have to use them to login to your server on FileZilla.

Now go ahead and enter the details into the top of FileZilla in the boxess marked with yellow: The password is the same password you use to login to your Hosting Panel.

When you have logged in, your server files will appear on the left side of FileZilla. It might be empty, but if it isnt, go ahead and delete all the files as all necessary files are included with the setup. Now upload all the files from the setup to area marked with red below in FileZilla. You can just drag and drop. Since you are using a Minecraft host, you can delete the files run.bat and the server JAR. (On the picture below its "purpur-1.20.1-2015.jar").

Your filezilla window should now look like the picture above.

4. Select Server JAR

Almost all public hosts has a feature where you can just select a server JAR on their site and get them to install it automatically. You need to install a server JAR to run your server.

You should choose the server version that is specified in the setup you have bought. We recommend using Purpur or Paper

The picture below shows how to select the server JAR in SparkedHost.

5. Start Your Server

If you have done everything correctly until now, you should be able to start your server. If the server doesnt start, feel free to contact us for support on our discord.

Starting the server takes approximately 60 seconds depending on your host.

Important Info

It is important to notice that this is a general guide to how to install a server setup. All our setups has individual steps to install them correctly. You should therefore also follow the invidual setup installation guides.

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