How To Create A New Rank

This guide will teach you how to create a new LuckPerms rank in any of our setups. There is more to creating a new rank than just creating it in LuckPerms.

Difficulty: Hard

This guide will work for all our premium setups

1. Create your new rank in LuckPerms

The first step is to decide what the name of your new rank should be. You can choose any name that you want. For this tutorial, we will choose the name Emperor.

Now, create the new rank within the LuckPerms plugin with the command below:

/lp creategroup emperor

Your new rank has been created. Use the command below to set the displayname of that rank:

/lp group emporer setdisplayname Emperor

2. Add your new rank to the Rank track

The next step is to add your new rank to the rank track in LuckPerms. The general way the groups are setup in our premium setups, is that there is a rank track and a level track. A LuckPerms track is a list of groups ordered in a hierarchy. You should add your new rank to the rank track in the position you want it to be in, in the hierarchy.

To do this, start by opening the LuckPerms web editor. You can open the editor with this command:

/lp editor

Open the link in your browser. Then open the track menu with the button shown in the picture below:

Then open the rank track menu and click on the Edit track button.

In this menu, you should find your new rank in the right side tabel. Then you should add it to the left side tabel by clicking on the plus button, and put it in the position you want it to be in in the track. When you have done this, save and you have completed this step.

There are a few things to notice when working with ranks in our setups. You should make sure that all players always inherit precisely 1 group on each of the tracks. This can be managed easily by using this command:

/lp user %player% parent settrack rank %rank%

3. Adding permissions to the group

Now its time to add permissions to your new group. There are 2 methods to add permissions to a group. The first is by command, you can use this command to add a permission to a group:

/lp group Emperor permission set permission.permission

But when you have to change a lot of permissions at once, we would recommend to use the LuckPerms web editor which we showed how to open in step 2. To add a permission in here, simply navigate to the group section and enter your new permission in the box shown below:

It is IMPORTANT that all groups has the permission group.default. Giving this permission to your new group ensures that the group has all the same permissions that the default group. Because remember that users should not be in both the default group and another rank group.

4. Adding a custom prefix to the rank

Adding a new custom prefix to your rank is a complicated process if you want it to be a custom texture prefix. But we will show you how to do it in this step.

First, you should give your new group this permission:

prefix.1.&fㄱ &f

This will make your new group have the Member prefix tag. Now we just have to change it to a custom prefix of your own. In the permission shown above, the ㄱ symbol is the actual symbol which will display your prefix. So this symbol is all we need to change.

You will now have to create your own new prefix and add it to the resourcepack. To do this, first find the "PremiumTexturepack" ZIP file which was included with the setup. This is the texturepack used for our setups. Create a new folder on your PC and copy the "PremiumTexturepack" ZIP file into this folder. Unzip the resourcepack so you would have something looking like this:

First open the assets folder and locate the folder at this filepath: assets > minecraft > textures > guis > prefixes

In here, you can see all of the standard prefixes included with the setup. Now its time to create your new prefix graphic. You might not be able to do this yourself, but you can check out our Prefix Packs Tutorial: Link

If you don't have the prefixes for your new ranks, you can check out our available Prefix Packs on our website: Link

When you have a prefix graphic that you now want to add to the setup resourcepack, you have to add it as a font texture. This is difficult, but you can use this tutorial to do so:

How To Edit A Setup Resourcepack

You should go to the Adding a new font texture guide

When you have added your new prefix texture to the resourcepack and assigned it a symbol, you can now replace the ㄱ symbol in the prefix permission with your own symbol.

The last step now is to save the process from your LuckPerms editor to the server:

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