How To Change The Setup Spawn

This guide will teach you the easiest way to change the spawn of a setup. This guide is made with the NitroSetups setups in mind. So the guide will cover all of our setups.

Difficulty: Medium

1. Install Your Setup

First install the setup you want to use on your server completely. Just install it with the default spawn. Make sure everything is fully installed correctly before you head to step 2 in this guide. If you have already installed your setup before this guide, you can skip this step!

Unsure how to install your setup? Our general Setup Installation Guide will help you out!

2. Change The Spawn World

There are 2 ways to change the spawn build/world on your server. Either by just changing the actual spawn folder, or by inserting your new spawn with a WorldEdit schematic. The method you should use depends on how you own the new spawn that you want to use. The 2 methods are explained below, choose 1 of them!

Method 1: Uploading your new world folder

This method requires that you have your new spawn in an existing world folder. Follow the step by step guide below:

  1. Stop your server

  2. Delete the spawn world folder on your server. In our setups this folder is called "spawn"

  3. Upload your new spawn world folder to your server

  4. Start your server

Now the spawn world should be changed, and you should be able to find your new spawn if you enter the command "/spawn" ingame. If this works, proceed to Step 3 in this guide.


if you are unable to enter your new spawn world, it is often because the spawn world has not loaded on your server. Try to do "/mv load spawn". If this doesnt work, try to do "/mv list". This will often give you the reason why the spawn world hasnt loaded.

If it still doesnt work, feel free to contact our discord support.

Method 2: WorldEdit schematic

This method requires that you have your new spawn build on a WorldEdit schematic file. Follow the step by step guide below:

  1. Upload your WorldEdit schematic file to your WorldEdit folder at this filepath: plugins > WorldEdit > schematics

  2. Start your server and join your server. You should also OP yourself.

  3. Select the spawn you dont want to use anymore with WorldEdit, and type "//set 0". This will completely remove your old spawn from the spawn world.

  4. Now you are ready to insert the new spawn from the schematic file. First teleport to center of the world with this command: "/tp 0 100 0" or just "/spawn"

  5. Enter this command to load the schematic: "//schem load %schematic name%", and then do "//paste -a". The schematic name is the name of your schematic file.

Now the new spawn should be pasted into the spawn world on your server. It can take a bit of time to paste the schematic into the world.

3. Set a new spawnpoint (Essentials)

Setting the a new spawnpoint for your new spawn is very easy. All you have to do is to enter the command "/setspawn" while standing at the spot where you want your new spawnpoint.

If you want the spawnpoint to be very precise, you can also open the YML file called "spawn" in your Essentials plugin folder and change the coodinates in there.

Changing location of warps

The method for changing the locations of the warps on your server is the same. Just enter "/setwarp %warpname%" to set a new location for a warp.

4. Changing the position of NPCs (Citizens)

To change the position of all the NPCs on your server, the far easiest way to do this is to edit the location of each NPC in the Citizens saves.yml file. You can find this file at this filepath: "plugins > Citizens > saves.yml". Open this file in a text editor.

In this file, each NPC will be listed with a number in the field marked with green in the picture below. You can see which NPC is which by the commandtrait of the NPC. This is marked with yellow is the picture below. To change the location of each NPC, you should change the X, Y and Z coordinates for the NPC. These are marked with blue in the picture below:

Now change the position of all the NPC's to where you would like them to be in your server. To apply the changes to your server, simply save the file your your server and then enter the command: "/citizens save" in your server. Now the NPC's should be in the new positions your have just set!

How to change the direction the NPC is looking in?

The easiest way to change the looking direction of an NPC is to firstly stand right next to the NPC and enter: "/npc select". When the NPC has been selected, type "/npc lookclose". This should make the NPC constantly look towards you. To lock the looking position of the NPC, enter "/npc lookclose" again.

5. Changing the location of holograms (DecentHolograms)

The best way to change the location of the holograms, is to edit the location in each of the hologram files. You can find the file for each hologram at this filepath: "plugins > DecentHolograms > holograms". Open each hologram file and change the location in each. The coordinates to change is marked with blue in the picture below:

When you have edited a hologram file, save to file to your have and enter "/dh reload". This should apply the changes to your server.

6. Changing the location of crates (ExcellentCrates)

To change the location of the crates, first place the blocks you want to represent the crates on your server. The blocks used in the Premium Setups is colored shulker boxes.

Then enter the command: "/crate editor". This will open the ExcellentCrates editor.

Now select one of the crates as the crate you want to change the location of, and locate the "Block Locations & Pushback" setting. First right-click to clear the previous crate location and then left-click to set a new location. Left-click on the block you want to assign this crate to. Repeat this for all the crates on the server.

7. Changing region locations (WorldGuard)

To see all the WorldGuard regions available on your server that you should change the location of, enter the command "/rg list".

There will almost always be a region named "spawn". You dont need to change the location of this region. You should change the location of the rest of the regions.

How to change region location?

To change the location of a region, simply mark the area that you want the region to cover instead, and then enter the command: "/rg redefine %region name%".

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