How To Change Donator Ranks

This guide will teach you how to change the donator rank names in our Premium setups. Changing the rank names is a long and difficult process as you will have to change the resourcepack aswell.

Difficulty: Hard

This guide will work for all our premium setups

1. Choose your new ranks

There are a few important things to note when you have to choose the new ranks which you want to have on your server. All of our setups contain these 5 ranks as standard in order from worst to best: Knight, Lord, Paladin, Duke, King.

This guide will only work if you choose exactly 5 new ranks. If you choose another amont of ranks, it will be much more difficult to change the rank names. For the purpose of this tutorial, we have picked these 5 rank names to change to: Pro, Elite, Titan, Hero, Legend

2. Edit all ranks in LuckPerms

With your new rank names chosen, the first thing you should do is to change the rank names in LuckPerms. This is done by using this command: /luckperms group %group-from% rename pro

/luckperms group %group-from% rename %group-to%

So if we are chaning the Knight rank to be named Pro. This is the command that we would enter:

/luckperms group knight rename pro

Do this for all of the 5 ranks which you want to change. When you have done this, you should change the displayname of all of the new groups in LuckPerms. This is done by the following command:

/lp group %group-name% setdisplayname %group-displayname%

So if we do this for the Pro rank, the command would look like this:

/lp group pro setdisplayname Pro

Chaning the displayname is important to ensure that the rank names are displayed perfectly. When you have changed both the name and the displayname for each of the ranks, this step is complete.

3. Edit the rank prefixes

To edit the custom texture rank prefixes, you will have to edit the resourcepack which is a very difficult process if you have never worked with resourcepacks before. First you should find the "PremiumTexturepack" ZIP file which was included with the setup. This is the texturepack used for our setups. Create a new folder on your PC and copy the "PremiumTexturepack" ZIP file into this folder. Unzip the resourcepack so you would have something looking like this:

First open the assets folder and locate the folder at this filepath: assets > minecraft > textures > guis > prefixes

In here, you can see all of the standard prefixes included with the setup. Now, delete the existing rank prefixes for the 5 ranks: Knight, Lord, Paladin, Duke, King. Upload your new 5 rank prefixes as PNG files. Creating the actual prefixes is a bit difficult. You can check out our Prefix Packs Tutorial: Link

If you don't have the prefixes for your new ranks, you can check out our available Prefix Packs on our website: Link

When you have done this, locate the file at this filepath: assets > minecraft > font > default

The default font file is where the textures are linked to a font symbol. In here you should change the rank names Knight, Lord, Paladin, Duke, King to the new rank names you have chosen. Search for "knight" in the document to find the part to edit. The rank names you change to in this document, have to match the exact file names that you have given the new rank texture files.

When you have done this, this step is done. Watch the tutorial video below to make sure you have done this 100% correctly as this is a difficult step. There are still more things to edit in the resourcepack.

Tutorial Video

4. Edit the rank menus

Now it's time to edit the rank menus. Each of the ranks has a menu in the setup which shows all the perks and commands for each rank. The way to do this is very similar to step 3.

First you have to create new rank menus with your new rank names. This has to be done in a bitmap graphics editor. We recommend the app Paint.NET as this is fairly easy to use and it is free. The video below shows how to do this:

When you have made the 5 new rank menu graphics, its time to add the new rank menus to your resourcepack. This is the step which is very similar to step 3. Watch the tutorial video below:

You have now changed everything that needs to be changed in the texturepack. You can now ZIP the resourcepack back together and apply it to your server. If you are unsure how to do this, read our "How To Edit A Setup Resourcepack" tutorial: Link

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