Menu Template Packs

Our Menu Template Pack makes it easier for you to design beautiful custom GUI menus. This page is a guide on how to use the Menu Template packs.

Available Menu Template Packs

Creating A Menu

To create a custom menu using the Menu Template Pack, you have to use a graphics bitmap graphics app. We recommend the app Paint.NET as this is fairly easy to use and it is free.

Download the Menu Template Pack you have purchased from BuiltByBit. This should contain a bunch of assets in PNG format. The video below shows how to combine the assets to a menu.

Adding The Graphics To A Texturepack

When you have created your GUI graphic and saved it as a PNG file, its time to add the graphic to your texturepack.

If you have made and saved it correctly, the graphic should have a width of 176 pixels.

This guide shows how to add the graphics to a Vanilla resourcepack. If you wish to use ItemsAdder or Oraxen instead you can see how to do that below. We use Vanilla Resourcepacks for all our setups. Watch the video below to see how we add our custom menus to our resourcepacks.

Download the ExampleGUIResourcepack below which is made for the menus in the video below. You can use this as a template and add your own textures instead. The pixel texture in the pack is important for when you have to add the texture to your menu ingame.

When you have added the graphics to your texturepack and you are able to see your graphic when you paste the connected font symbol in chat. Then its time to add the texture to your Minecraft GUI menu in your plugin. If you are using the ExampleGUIResourcepack as a template with the pixel texture, you can put the following text in your menu title to display the custom graphic:


NOTE: Replace the ★ symbol with the font symbol you have chosen to display your graphic. You can find a lot of font symbols to use here: Click here

The symbol 七 is used for the pixel.png texture which is just a pixel to make the graphic fit the menu correctly.

Adding The Texturepack To Your Server

You can add the resourcepack to your server in the file. The following tutorial teaches you how to do that easily: Click here

If you want to force players to use your resourcepack, you can use the plugin ForcePack: Click here


If you want to use the menu for ItemsAdder, you can follow the ItemsAdder guide to add the menu to your server. Read it here: Click here


If you want to use the menu for Oraxen, you can follow the Oraxen guide to add the menu to your server. Read it here: Click here

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