Plugin Configs

The plugin configs are configs which are made for specific Premium or Free spigot plugins. These configs are drag & drop to use for popular Premium plugins. Use this guide to install your config.

Installation Guide

This is a guide on how to install our plugin configurations. This guide applies to all plugin configurations listed under "Available Plugin Configs" above.

1. Download plugin

Download the plugin which the config you are using is made for. You can view which plugin to download in the Dependency tab in the resource you have bought. Upload the plugin to your plugins folder.

2. Upload config files

Upload all the files from the config you have bought to your plugins folder.

3. Restart your server

4. Uploading the texturepack

The last thing to do is to add the included texturepack to your Client or your server. Below you can read how to add the texturepack to your server.

Adding The Texturepack To Your Server

You can add the resourcepack to your server in the file. The following tutorial teaches you how to do that easily: Click here

If you want to force players to use your resourcepack, you can use the plugin ForcePack: Click here

Using Multiple Of Our Configs

If you want to use multiple of our Plugin Configs, all you would need to do is to add both configs to your server and then merge all the resourcepacks from the configs.

You can learn how to merge 2 resource packs with this guide: Link


If you want to use the config texturepack with your ItemsAdder content, you can do so by merging the config texturepack with your ItemsAdder config. Simply follow this guide: Click here


If you want to use the config texturepack with your Oraxen content, you can do so by importing the config texture to Oraxen. Follow the guide below:

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