Factories Config

Factories is a custom configuration made with the plugin DeluxeMenus. This guide will teach you how to use the Factories system

This is guide is about Factories

Version: 1.20.1

You can't use Factories while being OP!


Below are all the commands you can use in Factories

/factories | Opens the main Factories menu

Admin Commands:

/factoriesresearch give/take %player% %amount% | Adjust the Reasearch Points of a player /factoriespcompleted give/take %player% %amount% | Adjust the Production count of a player /factoriesplimit give/take %player% %amount% | Adjust the Factory Limit of a player


Below are all the placeholders you can use with PlaceholderAPI for statistics about Factories:

Raw: %coinsengine_balance_rounded_[currency]% Formatted: %coinsengine_balance_[currency]%

The available "Currencies" are: factoriesresearch, factoriespcompleted, factoriesplimit, factoriesplimit, factoriespongoing

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